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Blue Air, 2004

About the Blue Air project:

Manual + Documentation <click>

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Blue Air was created by Andrew Lane and Jeffrey Stolet in conjuction with Future Music Oregon at the University of Oregon's School of Music in 2004.

Conceptual Design: Jeffrey Stolet
Technical Design, Engineering, and Production: Andrew Lane
Manual Text & Graphics: Andrew Lane

Blue Air is an infrared MIDI controller. Continuous controller information is produced by movement an object or a performer’s hand vertically above the infrared eye located on the top panel of Blue Air.

MIDI data produced by Blue Air are fast and tightly packed together. The typical time between blocks of MIDI datum is 5 milliseconds. The tremendous volume of data being sent is often best managed by MIDI manipulation software such as MAX by Cycling ’74.

Blue Air is fast, accurate, stable, rugged, and simple to use. For an in-depth look at the workings and construction of Blue Air, download or view the Manual + Documentation in PDF format. <click>